Ministry and Outreach

Our Ministry and Outreach

Ministry and Outreach at First Presbyterian Church, led by Hearts & Hands, includes cards, notes, phone calls, and Christmas boxes to men and women who are shut-ins, ill, in the hospital or rehab facilities, and retirement homes. A robust prayer ministry shares spiritual care for those dealing with illness, therapies, and other personal needs. Carrying meals to those temporarily unable to prepare them are always appreciated. Annually, Hearts & Hands leads the congregation to support approved community ministries for homeless or battered women and children, youth with special needs, the homeless, etc. Truly, “love is something you do!”

Our ladies preparing the “backpacks” of food for elementary school children here in Umatilla who do not have enough food on the weekends when they do not eat at school. Our “Hearts & Hands” ladies coordinate with the Guidance Counselors and Principal at the Umatilla Elementary School to get these to the children they know are hungry on weekends.
Our two young girls who are now “officially” Acolytes for lighting our candles in the Sunday Worship Service. Our Session approved them for this wonderful task, commended them with a Certificate and Acolyte pin, and honored them for their enthusiastic service in our congregation.
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